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Solved firebird startos receiver chip

The Receiver is still available from Horizon under the Part number HBZ7751
I'll assume that the shipping costs if ordered through teir website would be prohibitive, but you can try searching your local vendors for that number.
You could also watch ebay or your local equivalent of craigslist for offers on crashed airframes.

Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and invest in a more modern, more capable airplane, though...
"Gill saab" said:
do you have any suggestions on a cheap 4 channel rc plane
Now that's a real hard question to answer.
What is you consider chaeap varies from person to person, also there is the question what position buying a "cheap" plane leaves you in.

Around US$ 150 should land you a Dynam Hawksky rtf package which was my first "modern" plane and which served me well.
The package was pretty comprehensive with a 4 channel TX and RX, battery and charger included.
The plane flies decently and can stand a lot of abuse.
The engine on the plyon means you won't be changing props every time you nose in.
The foam glues well with CA and a little massaging will get the nose back into shape quite a few times before it gets all mushy.
It's a little anemic on the floppy 5x5 plastic prop that comes in the Box., but a prop adapter and a 6x4 prop will help that (no guarantees the current ESC will take it, though, they seem to change from kit to kit)

There's many similarly laid out planes on offer and the all do reasonably well without any fancy stabilization gear.

Only thing is even adding a hot motor and cutting the wings down for a little more speed I outgrew it within half a year, not to mention at some point it got all floppy from the stress I put on it.

That's when you too will be looking to upgrade and that's when you'll find out the radio components are not all that hot, eschewing model memories and mixes for a rock bottom price. So if you know you'll be wanting to go on to bigger and better things you should think about investing in a moe solid rx/tx combo and maybe a pnp plane instead of an rtf.

Edit: I just saw that there is a "V2" of the Hawksky out with what looks like a different canopyy and motor Pod. it comes with a beefier ESC and a 6" prop as standard it seems. Can't speak for the radio that comes with it. I always liked the canopy desgin of the V1 because there was more room available that in competing models (looking at you HK Bixler 1 and 2)
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