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First build

I'm building my first plane ever: the simple cub based on the plans that I found on the website. I made it out of a thicker foam, it weigs around 0.350 kg and it has a wingspan of 102 cm.

I found these things but can somebody confirm that these things all work together? Since I don't know anything about it and I don't want to buy things that don't fit together.






I have a really old receiver and transmitters so I shouldn't need to buy that.

Thank you!

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Fly harder!
It all looks perfectly matched - good job. For servos, I recommend the miuzei 9 gram servos from Amazon. They are super cheap and have great performance. I personally think the old speedster is quite a bit easier to fly than the cub. If you go with the old speedster, the same electronics you are using in the cub will transfer with the swappable power pod, and the servos come in a ten pack, so you won’t have to buy anything extra. It is a really easy and fun plane to fly, even after doing some 3D with an edge 540 and spitfire low inverted passes! Good luck and have fun!
I have a pair of old servos from my old plane that I broke on the first attempt to fly...
and I have already build the frame for the cub so...

I realise I accidentaly put the battery twice and I forgot about the charger.
So I planned to buy this charger: https://www.banggood.com/nl/IMAX-B6...6.html?rmmds=search&ID=47184&cur_warehouse=CN

It comes with the power supply. Can somebody check once more that this will work? (that it will connect to the battery and charge it correctly, that it won't explode my battery/ESC/...)

Thank you all!


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I use the Imax B6, it will work just fine for your battery. Just don’t charge faster than 1C. Example if you have a 1500 mah battery, charger at 1.5 amps.

You should always give your batteries a rest after use and before you put them on the charger AND a rest after charging before use. The rest period should be a minimum of 15 minutes, longer is better. This rest period will help your batteries last longer. I usually get about 3 years of use from my batteries.
Oh ok good to know...

I also heard that I can’t use all of my battery, but how do I know when I need to stop so I don’t break it? I don’t have a feature on my transmitter to warn me.

Than I’ll buy all those things so I can fly my plane!


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One rule of thumb is, if your battery feels hot to the touch, don't put it on the charger. You can also buy inexpensive battery checkers off Amazon that will give you an audible alarm when the battery reaches a certain threshold. Here in the US, you can get 5 of these checkers for about $13. They plug into the balance connector of a LiPo, and are small enough that you can connect them to the battery when prepping to fly, and leave it connected for flight. My issue with them is, my hearing isn't good enough anymore to hear the alarm when it starts going off in the plane, so I have to rely on the timer built into my Tx.

I have a pack of these, and checked them against voltage standards at work. While they're not accurate enough to use for calibrating things, they're close enough for monitoring our plane batteries.



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You should also get a cell checker, there are many different styles, the one I use is similar to this one. You can plug it into your balance lead, it will start to beep when it is time to land. You dont want to draw your cells below 3V per cell, its best to stop at 3.2V per cell.

Regarding charging, you should also keep you battery away from anything flammable while charging. They can catch fire. A fire proof charging bag or box is a good idea.

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I charge my batteries in an old military-style ammo canister. You can often find them at surplus stores for a modest price.

And that's two of us that posted the same voltage checkers. They're hard to beat for the price.