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First Edit, need opinions

Hi There!

So sorry this sat dormant for so long! Usually people respond faster around here...

Ok, here's my critique:

1. First shot should come in on the downbeat. It was cool how you synchronized you're takeoff with the next beat, but I think it would look better to have the shot open on the first beat.

2. Maybe cut to the next shot on the mini-drop around 18 sec. I was kinda expecting something there, plus it would cut out you're landing after that - for some reason, seeing a landing before the end of the video seems weird to me.

3. At 33 sec: nice cut on the downbeat!

4. I liked how you placed your flips on the beats around 1:15

5. I think the title at 1:18 about "First Real Micro/Race flying" could have been a bit longer.

6. Maybe some kind of textured background for your titles would be good. I'm not too sure how that would look... Either way, I think it was very wise of you not to go wild with the titles; a lot of people try to use a bunch of fancy preset transitions and it usually ends up looking cheesy and amateurish. In my opinion, it's always better to be too simple than too crazy!

Take all this with a grain of salt - I've never actually made an FPV video, so all of this is just my thoughts. I liked the video, though! The video didn't distract me from the content, which is more than can be said for some 'first edits' - some of them hurt to watch... :) Hope this helps! Keep up the good work!

PS - I'm super impressed by your flying progress! I'm still in the 'cruise around the park, bump into the ground' stage... What's your secret? Practice? :)
All in all a good edit and good flying.
I pretty much agree with penguinwings.
I usually use rock or similar music with power (depending on flight style and location, easy music for gliding, rock/metal for action) for my vids.

Usually in the intros to the song i'll use footage of setting up, preparing or testing the aircraft/drone.

When i do loopings and rolls n stuff i try to synchronize it to the music.
Example, coming in for a low flyby i'll try to find a "slower" part n the music, then when coming in hot, it changes to something with more power such as a solo.
IMPORTANT: when switching scenes, cut it on the beat (bass drum), makes it "smoother" to watch.

I try to end the video with the ending of the song or fading out, landing.

Titles/texts should stay visible long enough to read + a couple seconds.

Otherwise, great piloting, practice makes perfect.

Stay calm and fly on.

have a look here for some of my inflight vids. feel free to ask if any Q's


(hope i'm allowed to post that here)