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first flight of the EX Peanut


This flight was on an 1806 motor, 600 2s battery. I got a 10:30 flight time! It goes faster with my 850 3s batteries, of course.

The hatch is flimsy; I'm gonna redesign it to be stiffer, probably by adding a curve of paper over the whole thing.

There's a weird problem. When I pull back on elevator, the plane goes into a loop very stably. but as I keep pulling farther back, I reach a point where the plane suddenly rolls violently. I'm thinking that the elevator might be stalling on one side. And this might be partially caused by the twin fins. But I don't know. What's your opinion?


Building Fool-Flying Noob
@techbear great work!
You mentioned the Hatch is flimsy. Is this more because it is one layer of board? you could make extra paper flaps along the sides and glue in BBQ skewers and roll the flaps over. Makes it much more rigid. (see the FT Sea Angel standoffs)
My 1cent guess: your ailerons are off by a hair. Not a big deal, Can't explain why though. When I fly the arrow, if the aileron aren't trimmed out perfectly, It rolls in the loop. actually that's how I fine tune trim.
Doh! I landed in gravel and broke a servo arm. And those servos are glued in. I'm gonna have to do some surgery to replace the servo arm. I wonder if I should make some shallow "guards" to protect the servos on landing.