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First foamy

This is how far I have got on my first ever plane build at the minute haven’t got the wing yet it about 30 inch long is there any advice a need to take on board. I think the rudder needs to be larger
Many Thanks



Old and Bold RC PILOT
Just a suggestion or recommendation for you. If you have built and flown a number of flying models then just ignore the advice but I would start into Foamboard by building existing designs first. Then after a few builds you could modify a few designs and finally build your own.

The reason I suggest this is that often a first build of a model can actually be a waste of money, Foamboard and time as not every thing that looks like a aeroplane will fly like the builder imagines it should. Many forum users start strong, struggle and give up. To have great success a fair bit of learning need to be done!

Just a suggestion!

have fun!