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First miniquad build

I have been flying fixed wing on and off for a while now. I am now looking to make my first venture into mini-quads. I put together a shopping cart for this build. I am hoping some of you can proof this cart for me, telling me whether or not this will work, if any parts are incompatible, etc. Any tips for this build and adventure are greatly appreciated and I am so excited to be part of this community! Thank you all in advance.



Eternal Student
I don't know if a 6S 6" build is the best for a beginner, but all the parts should work together. I didn't see a flight controller in your cart, you'll definitely need to pick one of those ;) Also I would go for a different VTx, preferably one with adjustable power output. Running around blasting 600mW all the time won't make you any friends.
I agree here. I'm a big fan of the RDQ Mach2 vtx. It has smart audio, so you can change your power and channel in the OSD.

I also don't see a PDB. You'll need one. I I would also recommend an LC filter for your VTx. It smooths the voltage so you don't get noise in the video. Some flight controllers have the pdb and filtered vtx pins.

Good luck sir. I know you'll have fun.

Oh, learn from my mistakes... Test everything BEFORE and after putting all together. The smoke is the expensive part of the electronics.
Thank you for the tips, I completely overlooked a pdb! I’ve also planned to swap to a 2200kv motors on 6” props with a 4s to aid in the learning process. I fly in a remote part of the desert, but will look into a switchable power vtx to add some versatility. Thank you guys for all the help! I’ll update you when I’ve got it together so y’all can see the product of your help.
Here are my changes thanks to your recommendations. I swapped to some 2200kv motors so I can comfortably fly on 4-6s, I swapped to 4s batteries, I changed to an AIO 45a 3-6s esc, I swapped to a switchable power vtx, and I added ummigrip for the battery. Hopefully these will be optimal to help me progress from my first flight onward. Thanks @ElectriSean and @Zetrocker for your help, and let me know if I've made any major mistakes!