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First Plane, Hook up problems?


I just got my first (real) RC plane, and i am having a bit of a problem, I have the Rx & Tx bound, but When I put the servo plug for the engine in one way(ground facing out), the Engine gives the little Low, Mid, High boot sound, it gives power to the Rx, and I can control every servo but the engine makes 2 beeps a second and the prop goes back and forth 1 inch rapidly. The other way the Engine gives the little Low, Mid, High boot sound but it doesn't give power to the Rx so NO control at all. Is there something wrong? is possibly the engine wired backwards? I can solder I just don't know what to do.

So right now my plane has 2 modes. In a coma, and loud glider.

Thanks in advance, Dan


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It sounds like you have one of two things. One of the three wires to the motor is disconnected, broken, or has a bad solder joint. Or the second, there's two or more motor wires touching.


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Yup. The ESC powers the motors wires in an order:

1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3

When each wire is powered, the magnets on the axle are pulled towards it.

So if one is broken you'll get

1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2

And the motor will just go one step forward in one direction and then back again.

If this is the case with yours, then if you push up the throttle up it will just go back and forth faster.


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First of all- plug that throttle cable in the right way. From your description it sounds like the first connection is right.

Make sure the throttle stick and the throttle trim are both all the way down.

Set the endpoints. Throttle trim still all the way down (where it should always be) throttle stick all the way up, radio on.
Then plug in the battery (take the prop off first just in case) you should get a beep beep- the high endpoint is set.
Lower the throttle to it's lowest setting- the low endpoint is now set and the motor should arm.
You may need to rebind again to save these settings

Now if the motor turns the right way you should be ok.
If it turns the wrong way, just reverse any two of the three motor wires
@ jetpackninja THANK YOU it is working, BUT I can't re bind it right. Every time I disconnect the battery (which you have to do to bind it) the ESC forgets and I have to do the set high, set low thing. It's easy and fast but am I doing something wrong?


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So- before rebinding- try to disconnect and then reconnect the battery. If you try this does it save the setting? (and not have to reset the endpoints) If so, it may not be desirable to rebind after programming the endpoints. A lot of this may be dependent on your radio setup. I hate to say these words but it's probably advisable to check the manual.


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Well, I had the same problem with MY EDF actually, the EDF would just beep and the rotor would just go back and forth. NO movement even at full throttle, just left right left right... It turned out the motor's screws came loose so the rotor was touching the shroud and hence the rotor could not move. I tightened the screw, used some hot glue (no time for threadlocker) and it worked fine.

During a bench test some stuff went wrong, and to cut a long story short, the EDF leaped out of my hands during testing so i stopped the motor by force and might have overloaded the ESC, but anyway, after the incident, the motor once again beeped, jittered... I pressed on the connecters from ESC to motor tightly and then everything was back to *normal*

*ESC is still kinda messed...