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First Post - Just hello

Greetings all,

Decided to join the forum and participate a bit more than I have in "the community". I've lurked around FliteTest for a couple of years and have found a great deal of help and inspiration from the FT Crew. I'm not a member of a club, mainly do my own thing, but it's great to have an online forum and I can get behind the FT crowd.

So, I'm mainly a multirotor guy (filming and FPV), but have built a few planes this winter: Mini SkyHunter, FT Arrow (with stabilization), and an FT Bronco (which I have renamed the Vandal, because Boise State's mascot is a bronco...and that's just not okay with me--Go Vandals!). My 'go to' aircraft is a Pixhawk guided F550 quad w/ 13" cf props on 630kv motors running 10Kmah 4s w/ GoPro gimbal + switchable fixed camera using a L9R FrSky receiver, Taranis radio, full telemetry.

I just spent two hours of my life figuring out a P1 Gyro (Thunder) and have it on a yet-to-be-maidened FT Arrow. At least with respect to that little gyro, I feel like I could actually help someone...user-friendly, it isn't, but it works!

Cheers to all from the soggy West Coast!
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What gyro is it? Ever since I saw FT's video where they out a gyro on a wing and then fly during a storm I decided I had to do it. Lol
I'm using a P1-Gyro Thunder - available everywhere, but I got mine off ebay for about $12. I had a heck of time figuring out how to set it up on the Taranis (the wing setup wizard is NOT the way to go) and then had to reverse the elevator, which was a lesson in frustration and ultimately humility. It's safe to say, every single word, table, and picture is important in the instructions. Now that I feel 'trained up' on the little gizmo, I'm sure I'll get more.
Howdy and Welcome Neighbor! I'm a newbie here and to RC flight but I'm having a ball so far. I've got an FT Simple Storch flying and an FT 3D built and ready for maiden. I'm a LONG ways away from flying the 3D but heh, I needed something to build.

I'm located Northeast of Spokane up near Newport. I have a local RC mentor but have not met anyone else locally or attended any organized events.

Good luck and fair winds!
Northeast of Spokane...

Hard to go wrong in that part of the NW; I grew up in N. Idaho, went to University of Idaho (hence the rename of the Bronco to The Vandal). You've got some great country for FPV where you live. I've spent a lot of time in Coeur d'Alene, and I've been wanting to fly around that area for a couple of years...just haven't had the chance. I live in Portland now, which is great...but not for flying; first chance I get I'll be on Hayden Lake chasing waterskiers.

I completely understand 'needing something to build'. I've found that I like building things that fly as much as flying them - it's a good thing, right? A lot of time goes into transforming a piece of foam board into an aircraft!

Good luck with all your projects...and don't be afraid to crash that 3D plane, you've got to learn sometime!
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I agree completely! Hi From 3hours north of you Jredbird. Im also relatively new into this only been flying for about 7 months. building is so much fun, I have so many un finished projects. I personally like building especially because of the feeling when you get something to fly that you built out a a peice of foam. it's so satisfying. whats the flying situation down in portland, parks, or do you have to go to out of city to country fields.
Cheers from Cloudy and windy Seattle.:rolleyes:
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