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First quarter bonus..


Senior Member
..and i couldn't be responsible with all of it!

So I wasted some of it on a stack of misc. hardware and two new planes. After several scratch build design fails, I am definitely ready for something that should fly out of the box. Now I've never had a P-51, and have always wanted one. I've been plotting on the giant scale P-51 from Value Hobby. It looks good enough for me, it's cheap, and I have a gas and electric power system that would work fine. But.. I would have to mow a landing strip in the pasture and the donkey has been in a really bad mood.

So I settled on the Dynam T-28 Trojan, and the Hobby King (mini) Pitts Special.

The Pitts has mixed reviews from terrible to almost ok. I don't mind a bit of work to get a plane flying, in fact that is most of the fun for me. Also, I am skeptical of most reviews especially on something that would typically be purchased by a novice. No offense but I thought my first plane was poo because it wouldn't fly despite my lack of skill and knowledge.

The aileron servo system could use improvement. I was sure to flex the hinges to break them in before assembly, and I shortened the control rods for maximum throw. They are still puny, but fine for coordinated rolls and turns. The hinges will be changed to tape soon. It has much more power than expected. I was sure of a motor change, but this thing doesn't need it.

The T-28 is very cool! High speed, low speed, aerobatics... you name it. The suggested battery is a 4 cell 2200mah, but I'm using a three cell. I may may change to a slow fly APC just haven't decided yet. The only negative so far- I think the wing spar should have been longer.

So anyway, before I go back out for more flying.. anyone have either of these planes? Any suggestions?