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First RC injury!


Cardboard Boy
I went to take my delta to fly it, the tail struts are broken so the rudder is pretty much useless but it can fly without but I have to grab it lower to launch it and that got me a lot of failed launches recently, oh well.

I think the cows tried to disuade me of flying today because their fixed stare on me clearly meant that something would go wrong and well, it did.

I went to throw the plane and I think it moved a bit because I managed to slice my arm 7 times, at least it wasn't painful and the cuts are not deep but that was quite a surprise.

Also the plane is pretty much down now

Well, time to do some repairs!
My first model plane injury was just from starting a Fox 25. I learned to take the flashing off props real quick. Then, as I was doing everything on the cheap, I had nailed a make shift motor mount to an old, worn out picnic table, when I pealed it off I managed to jam one of the nails about an inch into my hand. That took a couple stitches as it wasn't a direct puncture.

And the list just keeps going, most of the damage being done by spinning props. The chunk I took off my right trigger finger has grown back that I ground out during a contest with a Fox 35. I wrapped it in a rag and won Balloon Bust. You know, Methanol fuel really finds small cuts easily, 1 inch square missing patches of skin? That'll inspire you to make brand new dirty words.

Heel and enjoy.