First run with first race quad


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I have spent a lot of time with drones such as the ones from Walmart or Target, and love flying them. But, it was time I finally got one that can do way more and is more involved but still not too much hassle. So I picked up a T-Motor FT5 5" PNP quad from GetFPV and a receiver that matched up with my Spektrum DX6e and I learned that its definitely not as easy as I thought lol. But I spent a lot of time researching it and talking with awesome people on the forum and I can happily say that she flies, and she flies very good. Its designed for a 4s battery but I took it easy and hooked it up to my 3s and starting out, it runs amazing. I got about 8-9 minutes out of it just flying around the field by my college and it is great. I stayed in angle mode for the most part as I'm not used to full on acro mode but I set it up so depending on where I have my switch positioned, it is either in acro or angle mode for simplicity, with my arm/disarm switch on the other side of my controller. I was able to learn how to do front/back flips and rolls very easily by quickly switching to acro than back to angle once I completed the stunt. I did have a failsafe implemented as part of a 3-way switch where it was failsafe-acro-angle, but I changed it after watching my quad fall from at least 60 feet from switching it the wrong way from acro mode, but it survived and kept on truckin! I'm still not the most sure what the difference from failsafe and disarmed is, if someone has a good explanation I'd appreciate it :) , but if things go south, I've just disarmed it with the switch.

Anyways, enough talk. I'll throw a picture in and a link to a YouTube video so you all can see it, as well as links to what I bought. I had an absolute blast with this and I can't thank the people who helped me on the forum enough, you guys are so awesome. If anyone has any advice or tips they would be greatly appreciated :)


First flight video

P.S. This all says first flight, but the video was actually my 3rd run, when I actually had someone to video lol.

T-motor FT5
Spektrum Receiver
Spektrum Transmitter
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