Flerken with removable wings?


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Hey there, I am looking at building a full-size or even maybe a 150% Flerken, but I am wondering if anyone has come up with a clever way to make the R and L outer wings removable from the center section? I drive a small car and there is no way I can get even one of the smaller ones into my car. :-(

Ryan O.

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You could try what josh did in this video, but it will add a lot of weight.
Unless you drive an Autozam AZ-1, you should be able to fit it in the passenger seat with the wings on.

Ryan O.

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BMW Z4. I know that my FT Sportster just very barely fits, poking me in the ribs and making it difficult to shift... View attachment 232503
Nice car! I’d split the wings at the seams where I sloppily added on the two red lines in this photo using the method in the video I linked before. They may friction fit depending on your tolerances, and if not some a screw should do. You may have to get creative to get around the weird angle in the wing.