Flight Psychology/Philosophy (and THEORY....) 101 (L9)


Maneuvering With Purpose
Lesson 9

Getting the biggest bang for your buck, or, how to fly better and look cool doing it.

Lets start with a few axiomatic rules:

1) Wings are cool and fly great;
2) Twins are cool;
3) Bigger is better and;
4) Foamboard is cheap and makes you cry much less when you crash.

I can tell you friends, that a Kraken can give you big plane thrills with a minimum of time and money invested.

Here is a crappy video and here is a better one.

I think that the size, relative low speed, and performance of the Kraken, results in an elegant presence in the air. Being easier to see combined with the deliberate way it maneuvers, helps to make it a forgiving platform with which to try things. Point it skyward and push the stick anyway you want! All for less than the cost of two C-pack planes.

Other twins are good candidates as well. The Sea Duck and Guinea Pig seem to work well. I like the B-25. Fly well. Fly better.