Flite Fest 2017: Bugatti 100P


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So my clueless two cents on this conundrum since it is only the take off part being the issue and landing seems OK for you is this. Why not build some kind of rolling dolly to get a running start on. Basically a cradle like people have for working on their planes with two roller blade wheels up front and a single wheel that can freely pivot in the rear should do fine for any semi hard surface. If you are worried or want it to work in grass as well swap the front out for two small spokes style bike wheels to traverse rough terrain better. rolling should not be an issue with a good set of bearings on the wheels. Heck if you wanted to get fancy use monster truck suspension and wheels.


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Well, remember that the firewall is a ply donut. I do not have a retract on-hand that I would install but I can have another look.


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Why not build some kind of rolling dolly to get a running start on.

So I have one of these that willsonman is welcome to use (https://www.topmodelcz.cz/index.php...k=&desktop=eshop&action=zbozi_detail&id=17578) but it really does want smooth grass and obviously does nothing for landing. Steering is also impossible for a model this size. The giant motor gliders are only able to steer the dolly a bit because their rudders are so far behind the dolly.

Bungee launch is also a short term option, but I think it is smart to give her the best chance of surviving the landings too. My gut tells me he will enjoy flying her and want to make her a regular flyer (maybe not an everyday flyer, but more often).


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Yeah, A dolly is fine for going up but coming down? I'm breaking props left and right here. I've NEVER gone through so many on one model... let alone one that has only flown TWICE. I've gone through a total of 8 props... not counting the original 8x8 I had on the front. It's got to be gear. Any sort of belly landing is going to 1: rip up the props/custom motor and 2: destroy the V-stab and rudder. Once, maybe twice she could handle but never on a regular basis. She was built to fly, not crash land.


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Hello, Wilsonman, I built this 150cm (60") Bugatti 100P 15 years ago. It has now nearly 350 flights. See my page here. I am planning to rebuild one with a 180cm (71") wingspan, with contra-rotating propellers. While doing some research I came across your posts and videos. And now my question, does your counter-rotating system still work? And what would you change if you had to do it again?
Thank you in advance for your answer.
JM from France - leaving 30kms (20 miles) from the Bugatti factories, the old one which has become Safran Landing gears (for Airbus and Boeing), and the new one which assembles Bugatti Veyron and Chiron cars.
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