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Flite Fest 2019

Okay so I couldn't find a good place to post this but I'm also new so this works right?

I think I want to go to flite fest, but I have no friends and I've never (successfully) flown a plane...so where should I start, and what should I expect? Never been to an event like this at all, so all I know is what's in the FT videos.

A couple specific questions:
1. Is there a chance I could find someone to buddy box with me and let me fly a plane?
2. I've been nervous about going and so I haven't made any plans - does camping normally book up solid, or will I be able to pick up a site just showing up Friday evening or Saturday morning?
3. I am a noob airplane pilot but I've been flying quadcopters for about a year now and I'm not terrible - are things like tiny whoops permitted around the campsites?
4. 5.8GHz - related to no. 3 - how do FPV channels work in events like this?


First: WELCOME! You say you "have no friends"? Well, you just made at least a few hundred. ;)

1. Absolutely.
2. I've heard that camping is filling up quickly. If I were you I'd register ahead and reserve your spot ASAP.
3. ....I THINK so?...but I could be wrong...
4. There is also an organized FPV flight zone where they manage channel assignments and usage.


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You will find a lot of people willing to help and answer your questions. If you can, it would be beneficial for you to build and bring your plane to FFOH, I'd recommend the Tiny Trainer. Let someone fly your plane to get trimmed out and then teach you to fly it.

Be sure to ask someone for help. No one can tell if you are a professional 3D pilot or a newbie.

Keep in mind that everyone is going to have a preference, that is we all think our way of doing something is the best way. Myself, I enjoy seeing how others do something. I have been flying for a long time but I always come away from FF with new ideas on how to something better.
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Another vote for the Tiny Trainer, there's something magical about that plane. My son built one with the little radial motor and it's a ton of fun both three channel and four channel. He started with three, then built the aileron wing after a few weekends of flying.


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Btw I'll also be at FF for the first time and I don't really know what to expect either, but it seems like there will be plenty of support available for people trying stuff for the first time.


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There are two big build tents with a ton of people willing to help!
(There's also a FT store, but I don't recommend going in there... that's where I get into trouble with the wife!) :ROFLMAO:

I'll be there as well, look for the guy with grey hair running the shuttles! ;)
Well I've done the budget, and with gas it's close, but the camping is going to be too much. Is there a state park nearby where I can set up?