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Flite Fest 2020 I miss you already!

Captain Video

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We are a week out from what would have Flit Fest 2020! Dang COVID! This post is to help all of cope with this years cancellation of this fine event.

But there is next year!


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I would think LOS would be pretty open most of the time, as long as you turn your FPV gear off. ;)

I've been registered ever since FF2020 got cancelled.
I would go this year, but I can't. I'm hitting both FF21 and FPV fest before I head off to boot camp. Hopefully that'll be the best summer of my life!


Wake up! Time to fly!
So who else right about now would have been setting up a tent or making a drainage trough around their camp had Flite Fest not been canceled this year? By this time of day all the tents would be up and the main power lines run. I would have been helping set up tables and get outlets placed in the build tents about now going by the years I was able to make it.

There would already be people taking breaks and flying as well. I can almost hear that buzz of it all sitting here in the comfy chair. Heres a few memories from the two times I was able to be there. Hopefully they spawn your own memories and bring a smile in this depressing Flite Fest less time we live in.



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