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flitetest recommended sim.

So i watched the video on the SE5 biplane build. It mentions that flittest has that plane in there a simulator so you can practice flying it. and the link is below. only there is no link below. does anyone know what simulator they are talking about ? also can i use it on a mac with a flysky I6S ? thanks


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Hello! I am so glad you are here!;) I learned early that as a noob, post everything at the top. It doesn't matter what the question or thread is, post it in "Hey You" or "Forums 101." The only people who look at the dedicated topics are the dedicated people, and most of us are just having fun and playing around.

I'd say repost at one of the above topics, and you are much more likely to get some answers. Regardless, never cry "Uncle!" and just give up. :)


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The simulator they are talking about was likely Phoenix RC flight simulator. It had a demo version that was available to download free, it’s still available but it is PC only. You can get a PC emulator for Mac (heresy!) that will allow you to run it. Some of those are memory heavy and not great tho.
It’s often sold in bundles with the 22:1 cable for transmitters to connect to the USB ports. If you find a Mac sim then the 22:1 cable will likely work.
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i click on the link but all i see is the Phoenix cable . i cant find the download program. Am i just not seeing it ? or is it on the cd that comes with the cable ?
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ok i had an idea. i was afraid it was just a driver for the dongle. too bad to oi already ordered the cable alone but didnt know it could also be bought with the sim . oh well.
ok so i finally got the controller connected to the computer. and managed to get a couple sims working. but i think they both have a flaw in the software cause the planes all seem to crash REALLY fast. ( demo version maybe ) ? Any way Im sure the one i built will be much easier to fly. Also i just ordered the 22 in 1 so lets see how long it takes to get it. Maybe thats what im missing to keep the planes in the air. LoL. thanks all