Fly zone DHC-2 Beaver receiver swap


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Hello if I was going to buy the Flyzone DHC-2 beaver txr type then I could buy a spektrum radio and receiver and just plug in the receiver and be done, or would I have to buy more parts. Also what radio and receiver would be good, I was reading reviews about the Dxe Dsmx and it said that you have to purchase a cable to update or something. Do you have to do this with all spektrum radios


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There is a newer model that comes with a Spektrum receiver already. Maybe that's a more straight-forward option?

I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the DXE TX's to be able to help with that question, but hopefully someone else is. Welcome to the forums!

The other option for the classic Flyzone Beaver is to get the RX-R version that doesn't come with a receiver that you wouldn't use anyway:

Unfortunately, it's not in stock until May according to that page.


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Do not get the Dxe! I repeat Do NOT get the Dxe!
I have one and it takes forever to connect to the buggy, outdated app, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. The only thing going for it is that it is dsmx so can connect to bnf planes, but it doesn't support dsm2 so it isn't backwards compatible, and only works with $40 receivers, not the cheaper bangood fakes. I have no other suggestions, I'm sorry for that, but don't get it.