Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver DX6e program?


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I'm trying to help my 11 year old son program his old Flyzone Beaver. He has flow it many times but recently changed the settings without taking notes. We can't seem to get the rates/Expo dialed. And we were wondering what others have the flaps and elevator mix set at? Just don't want to risk it flying it until we can sort it out better.

FLyzone DHC-2 "Island Wings" Beaver
Spektrum DX6e Transmitter w/ AR620 Receiver

Does anyone still have an old Flyzone Beaver they fly with Spektrum? We searched hard but found nothing.



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Firstly just try out checking if the control surfaces are moving as they should. Then if they are moving so that right is right, left is left and so on. It should work like that. It may have a varied performance from what it used to have but should fly alright. I'm really don't know much about complex setting but as long as you have the control surfaces moving as they should then you should be right. Check out the videos below for more info on dual rates/expo and mixing. I haven't yet heard of mixing flaps and elevators but I think you might mean a flaperon setup?
Hope this helps!

Dual rates/expo