Flying Box


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Nearly everyone is familiar with the large cardboard boxes our planes come in, either through the mail, or from the hobby store. Inside our "parts" are neatly wrapped with plastic, and more often than not placed in a foam cradle shaped to accept each component. Lots of cardboard, lots of foam (Styrofoam?)
My challenge is to make a flyable airframe just from the box and the packing material inside it. Just the airframe itself. All electronic parts are the builder's choice. Sort of a recycling project, so as not to just put the box and the packing into the trash.
I bet that there are some pretty skillful designers/builders out there who could make a really nice looking and flying plane using just the carton their new plane came in.
So Josh and Josh---how about it? Got any ideas yet?;) You all want to try it? Maybe do a build show for Flitetest competing?