Skyhunter Frankenplane

I posted about my build over at the Mad Scratchbuilders section but wanted to include it here as well where I can focus more info on the 3D printing part.
There is a flight video as well.
This was a very interesting design I found on Thingiverse:
It does not use single layer outside skin. The fuselage is several layers thick, has several cross braces designed, and the large parts screw together. It provides a box type frame and has lots of internal space.
This gives it good overall strength and is not too heavy. I used PLA and PLA+ in the build.
It is designed to use a hot wire cut foam wing but I just used a wing commercially available for the Bixler2 and made it work after modifying the wing mount with a heat gun.
I also took the boom mounts into Tinkercad and cut off the front half of them just so they slip over the trailing edge of the wing and are thru-bolted to the wing using M3 screws and nuts.
I have found entirely 3D printed planes to be quite delicate and had relegated the printer to specific parts (landing gear, control horns, motor mounts, wing struts etc).
However this experience has change my mind on the idea of a fully 3D printed fuselage using a commercial foam wing.
I will have to try it with other planes.


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