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Flysky and Turnigy compatibility?


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I'm pretty sure these are compatible, but I've made so many assumptions so far that turned out to be wrong, I really did make a you know what out of myself, and I don't want to repeat this. Anyway, I have a flysky i6 transmitter, and have a flysky ia6b receiver that are working fine together, as they should. I'm wanting to get more receivers rather than just trade mine out between other planes. There's a 2fer offer for 2 FS brand ia6b receivers on eBay for $25, which are identical to what I have. That's about how many I'm wanting to get as well. However, I see Hobbyking has Turnigy receivers for $10 before shipping that appear to be the exact same thing, just rebranded. I don't know which one is the name brand and which one isn't, but I wanted make sure they would work. After all the bad ebay experiences some of you have seen me have, I'd rather buy from hobbyking. Putting a link below to the receiver in question. Since my FS-i6 transmitter works with my FLToys plane as long as I switch the frequency mode, I'm pretty sure the afhds part is the main thing. However, before I take the plunge, due to all of my previous mistakes, I wanted to double check with people here first. Also, I did read through previous threads, and didn't see anybody asking about this particular type of compatibility.



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They are the same, they both use AFHDS and AFHDS 2, make sure whatever you buy has the same protocol as the transmitter. The ia6 receiver you linked is AFHDS 2a.


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@FDS is correct They are for all intents and purposes identical.

I use both SkyFly and Turnigy throughout my hangar without an issue and I also link the Turnigy transmitters with FlySky transmitters when teaching my students to fly, (Buddy Box).

Have fun!
FWIW, the ia6b is my "go to" receiver.
Nice size for anything bigger than micro-size and with a good selection of output options.
Don't forget it also has a separate voltage monitor you can connect to the battery and get its voltage on the TX.