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Solved Flysky FS i10 Transmitter With Spectrum Receiver?

Is anyone aware of whether or not the Flysky transmitters can bind to a Spectrum receiver? And do you trust Flysky receivers? A 6 channel receiver for only 12.99 seems sketchy to me.
Nope, pretty sure that there aren’t any flysky tx’s that are multi protocol, however, if you get a Jumper t12 or similar you can bind to almost any protocol.


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I never pay more than $15 for receivers. That includes DSMX compatible ones. Never had a range problem either. All 2.4 has about 1km of range if in good order and not blocked by ground clutter.
You can mod some Flysky radios to take a multi protocol module, then you can bind with almost any RX, video here as an example.
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What were you hoping to do? If you have a specific reason for wanting to bind a Spektrum receiver to a Flysky trans we might have other solutions as well?