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FMS 1280MM under powered?


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Hi Everyone,

First post on this website, also a very new RC Flyer with only a few months of experience.

As the title says i'm just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the FMS 1280mm easy trainer, I've watched the Flite Test video and they seem to perform fine.

My easy trainer seems like it never has enough power to get very high in the air, i only ever manage to get 10 to 20 feet before i feel the plane start to go into a climb stall, after that it never goes any higher and i'm constantly battling to keep altitude. i don't believe this is my piloting skill because i just bought myself a HobbyZone Conscendo S and that thing has no trouble getting altitude.

bit of technical information of my plane (got this from the website as i bought the RTF version.

-Material: Durable EPO
- Wing Span: 1.280mm (50.4in )
- Length: 910mm ( 35.8in )
- Flying Weight: Around 660g
- Servo: 9g Servo x4
- Landing Gear : Scaled Fixed Landing Gear
- Motor: Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
- ESC: 20A Brushless ESC
- Propeller: 4X4 2 Blade Propeller
- Battery: Li-Po 7.4.1V 1300mAh 15C
- Radio: 4 Ch Radio Control
- CG Position: 70mm (From Leading Edge)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure the prop is on with the lettering facing the nose of the plane. If it's on backwards it will loose about 70% of its efficiency and the plane will appear very underpowered. If it is on correct and you still have the problem, make sure your ESC is calibrated to run full throw. This is different for various ESC's but most follow this procedure: 1. power the transmitter first and move the throttle stick to full. 2. With the prop removed, plug in your receiver/ESC and wait for a series of beeps. 3. When you hear the beeps, move the throttle to low and you should hear the initial beep sequence. 4. Unplug the receiver/ESC and reinstall the prop.

Hope this helps,

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