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Foam Board Das Ugly Stick

Hi Flite Test Crew

I enjoy all your builds have built and crashed plenty its all about the fun of flying Thanks

Please could you look at doing a stick build as this is such a good trainer. also you could look at building a bottom wing trainer similar to the Scanner. For people like me who is still learning to fly
Thanks for a wonderful experience
There is also a smaller quick and easy build that flies really well. : http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?14491-(Das)-Little-Stick-Parkflyer-Plans

You can run mt1806 on it but more fun with 2204 or Powerpack "B" sized motor.

Honestly though the tiny trainer will do the trick for learning. This is a little more aerobatic and would be excellent AFTER you have worn out a tiny trainer.

The hotwax version is for sure more polished and uses a symetrical wing but you may appreciate the simple build of the smaller one.

There is a third version that someone posted plans for in an article just a month or so back, so you can look for it.

I want to build a twin stick from the hotwax plans sometime this winter.
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