For those with RC youtube channels


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What is the purpose of your channel? What would you like to accomplish with it? Is it for learning, entertainment/fun, randomness, etc?

The basic idea behind my channel Perkyplanes & RC (link is in my signature) was just to share my experiences/flights. Now, I still more or less do that BUT now I see it as sharing in hopes that someone can benefit from it...whether that's fun and entertainment (which I think my videos are boring anyways lol) or to learn something. Since discovering Flitetest, that has become a huge emphasis of my channel since it is very much a DIY approach and I like DIY types of things. I kinda wanted to steer away from becoming an "RC review" channel even though those tend to be big hits with the community. I have dabbled and done some unboxing/reviews and I suppose in the end I am "reviewing Flitetest designs/airplanes" but just don't want to see myself as a "review" channel.

Originally I went in thinking I'd like to make some money on youtube but Youtube has raised the bar pretty high now for monetization. Nowadays I think of youtube as more of an expression platform and a place to hear other's feedback. I value that more than the concept of getting paid for it. If I ever get to the stage I can make money on youtube then that's fine. I'm not expecting it anytime soon. I'm enjoying making RC videos and getting comments and such.

How about the rest of you all. Feel free to share your youtube channel links and your thoughts with your youtube channel.


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My YouTube is also in my sig. All I have is raw uncut videos so far, I rushed those up because the main purpose was to share my experiences with the FT community here and show a few of my friends. I haven't put as many vids up lately and don't plan to until I learn to edit and find a good program to polish up and edit my vids. I still plan to do raw maidens of new stuff but not a lot of content until I get my editing skills there. Right now my channel is just raw flight footage, but I plan to do a lot of DIY stuff and a few reviews here and there.


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My youtube is JGplanes. I was inspired by FliteTest to start putting out general RC videos, aviation related content, and occasional crazyness, i.e. blowing up a plane! This spring I published my first plans and long build video. I don't put out a lot of videos, but I like to make them as polished as possible when the content is interesting. I have a lot of ideas, but time and money always get in the way. I'm hopefully putting up a channel update soon (and celebrating 100 hard earned subs!), which I hope will give me some direction about future content. I used to be very heavy into simulators and cockpit building. I'm just not sure how diverse or focused I should be. Ultimately, I just want to have fun and share with the community.

I'll be at FFO again this year, so let me know if anyone wants to colab. I have a 2 person inflatable raft... ;)


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I mostly share my projects and other things I do as well as some random videos, I think my channel is in my description too.
One of my video really took off and thats the one where I built a guitar, otherwise not much is happening but I dont put that much effort into it really, I just post when I think is interesting.


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Yeah, like a lot of you I'm at that point where I'm ready to expand a bit and wondering which direction. There are certain products that I want to review and recommend, but that's more of a side thing, as I don't want reviews to be the focus of my channel. Mine will mainly be about DIY, showcasing my own builds and techniques, and aerodynamic concepts and how they handle as an RC. I'll introduce niche concept stuff like slender deltas and tandem wings, as well as all sorts of other styles, more and less conventional. Another large part will focus on the flying side, how different styles and designs handle and the unique tricks each can do. Other than that, some informative vids, general information on making your own designs and tips and tricks.


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I have a channel because I can’t post videos on the forums without it. It would be nice to get my videos monetized, but isn’t that technically making money with an rc aircraft? In other words, do I need an faa part 107 license to do it. I probably won’t be able to get my videos monetized anyways but I just wanted to know if it is legal in America without the license.


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You know I'm not sure @Ketchup . I would think that would fall into that category if you made money off of youtube.

I agree @kilroy07 is good to show something when's more difficult to try and explain it.


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I won't say I have a channel as such, more that I have a place to put videos of stuff I do, mainly RC related, so if anyone want's to know about or have a view on what I enjoy, I can easily refer to it.
I put an intro 'ident' on the beginning of anything longer than a few seconds but I'm not trying to gain subscribers or anything.


My channel is maybe 1/4 R/C mixed with other hobbies. Mostly odd-ball type things....weird aircraft, flamethrower boats....the usual...
I have 9K subscribers, and around 10mil views - most of which are a small percentage of videos that went viral.
I make a bit of money off of it, but I don't do regular uploads, though I wish I could find the time for it again.

My goal is just to share some unusual things, and hopefully inspire or teach along the way.


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I have two YouTube channels, one for posting "polished" videos and one I use only for rough uploads for sharing on-line:
Only a few subscribers and no monetization...
So far, not many aerial videos, either (but more in the future!)

@Ketchup - Re: Part 107 and monetized videos, my understanding is that the primary the FAA uses for determining if a flight is "recreational" vs. "commercial" is the the pilot's intent at the time of the flight.

For example, if you went out to fly for fun and ended up taking a gorgeous video of the sunset, you can make money from that video (ex. via YouTube monetization) without needing a Part 107 license because you were just flying for fun and the money was incidental.

Conversely, if you go flying for any reason other than to have fun then you need a Part 107 license.
The classic example people use is taking some photos to donate to a non-profit organization.
Even though there is no money involved it is a part 107 flight because your intent is not solely to have fun.


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I've always liked editing videos! In the past there were mostly snowmobile movies but now it's all about flying FPV (drones and wings). 🛩️ It combines two things I love to do ,👍

I put in a lot of time on my videos because I like doing it. But of course it's more fun if more people watch 🙂

You are welcome to check out mine channel and if you like it, hit subscribe 🙏


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My channel has always been about showing RC planes flying smoothly and realistically like full scale airplanes. Then I shifted the perspective from the ground to aerial photography drones (DJI Mavic) and more dynamic shots from race quads. In pursuit of even more realistic flying, I have shifted to flying FPV strictly from the cockpit (realistic pilot eye position with head-tracking). I try to document my progression training like real pilots practicing basic airmanship maneuvers, flying realistic takeoff, landing, traffic pattern, turns around a point etc. through precision aerobatics, then formation and ultimately dogfight/air combat, even with a reflector gun sight for aiming.

I hope to inspire more RC pilots to take up scale FPV flying and more full scale pilot to try FPV flying as I see it as a great alternative to bridge the two disciplines beside simulator flying.

If transitioning between RC flying to full scale flying or just watching planes flying in ultra-realistic manner interest you, please visit my YT channel and consider subbing: motionsic
I also started a second channel dedicated to Scale FPV dogfight/air combat: FPV Air Combat

Also a Facebook page that shares tips on how to fly scale FPV that frankly has much better presentation and wider audience: FPV Air Combat



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i use mine for maidens mostly i can check and see if i missed anything in the "heat of the moment".
also so i can see my mistakes and rectify them ...if other people watch them the comments are there and they can give me feedback ..which is always welcome!
there is nothing polished/edited on my channel...what you see is what happened..!!!
and its all for the fun of flying.