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Formers for the Viggen


Junior Member
I would really like to se the formers for the Viggen in the store.

Liked the Viggen and it would be nice to have the formers laser cut.

regards Jonas from Sweden


I'm a care bear...Really?
I don't know if it would be worth the shipping for you to gave them cut and shipped from the USA. But plans for them would be cool


Junior Member
I would also like to be able to buy laser cut formers for the viggen. and a hot wire. and a link to where to order that foam from.


Junior Member
At the very most, the templates should cost a second person $50. (I paid a bit more for the initial setup.)

Two things could make the templates quite a bit less expensive:

(a) Reduce the laser time: I asked for both the templates and the surrounding square frames. I also asked to have the model name written on the parts. In retrospect, neither of those are required, and omitting both should reduce the time (and cost) considerably.

(b) Group buy: it costs less if he can set up once and cut multiple templates at the same time.