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FPV and Bomb drop with DHC-2 Beaver


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Had a little break in the weather so I decided to fly the big 2000mm FMS Beaver.

I haven't had her in the air in a long time. The last time I flew it was when I used it to scatter my uncles ashes at his funeral ceremony last year. He and I were close, fellow gear head and tinkerer. He had spent a lot of time up in Alaska, and if you've ever been there you've likely seen a Beaver, practically a state bird... It seemed fitting.

I normally head down to the hay meadows to fly this thing as it eats up a lot of sky but its been too muddy to go down there (and more rain on the way as you can see at the end of the video) This is my first time flying it up around the house, thankfully with flaps this thing can get nice and slow for the required STOL landings I have to do in front of my house!

The plane has 3 cameras the pilot can switch while flying FPV. One forward facing with a servo controlled Yaw to look left and right, one on the side, looking at the plane to check the safe release of the bomb mechanism, and one aft to see where you dropped.

I also put a firefly out on the wing to have some good high def video with sound while flying today.

Beautiful day, Beautiful plane... hard thing to top!