Speed build kits w bomb & drop mechanism (current)?

Hi all! First post here/ever (be gentle)!
My kiddos and I are diving into the FT family and are building and learning quickly. I just finished a versa and the boys ( 2 of em) built the ez flight lots and are starting on tenets this weekend.
I’m wondering if there is a speed build kit that includes everything to make a bomb or two and the drop mechanism (from the FT vids, seems like they have passed the rubber band on a servo method a long time ago).I’ve tried to search around and seems like it’s a ‘figure it out’ kind of thing but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. thanks in advance for guidance/advice. HMU if anyone wants to fly in San Diego!
Awesome. Thanks guys. I have seen the rubber band version and recently saw an episode where Peter use two zip ties and a servo, so thats awesome. Will def check out the Legacy soon.

Thanks for the videos, will!
While we are at it… what 3D printer is everyone using? Absolutely brand new to it. I want to get the gau-8 barrel for my A-10 and possibly start looking at 3D printing but I don’t imagine I’ll be using it a ton (my sons probably will though). Any advice there? Thanks all!