Help! FPV Drone Receiver Question


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I have been trying to get into fpv drone flying for a while and I finally bought a used 6s IFlight Nazgul5 v2 on eBay. It does not have a VTX or camera installed but comes with a cheap transmitter. I would like to use my tactic ttx660 transmitter to fly this drone, but I am unsure how to determine which receiver is compatible with it. I have used this transmitter to fly an RC airplane before but never a drone before. I am not exactly sure if my transmitter is outdated or if they even drone receivers for it. I have done my research on basically every other component of fpv drones but I never really understood this part. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.


I have never heard of that radio but after some quick googling, it appears to only be compatible with tactic brand receivers. All of which I can find only have regular pwm output, which I am sure your drone's FC won't accept--they typically only interface with ppm, sbus, or other single-line serial protocols these days. So if you can find a tactic brand rx that has ppm or sbus out, you're good to go. But I can't find anything out there after a quick search. It may be a good time to upgrade your radio system to something a bit more common


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Is there a certain transmitter protocol that is more common, better to get as a beginner, or more likely to stay up to date for longer than others? Is there a certain receiver for fpv drones that you would recommend that I could buy a transmitter to go with? Thank you so much.


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d8 is probably the most common BNF RX on multi-rotor pre-built craft.

As far as I know any OpenTX radio with a multi-protocol-module (even the 1 in 1 versions) can work with that.
if you want to look to the future, getting an OpenTX radio with an expantion module slot [which most, if not all, do], should take care of you for the forseeable future, as any new protocals are likely to end up being supplied in a module that works with OpenTX/EdgeTX.