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FPV improvement

Hello, this thread is for any one who is trying to improve there current FPV system. I would like to improve mine, I have a 5.8Ghz 200mw system (it can be found now on hk) and I have the stock antennas tx: 3dbi rx : 2dbi. I get about 700ft out of this system. I use an AXN floater for FPV. Does any one know of a good patch antenna that has about 60 degrees vertical and horizontal funnel area?


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I've just started using he IBCrazy antenna designs Skew Planar and Clover Leaf with HK system you've purchased and the improvement over the standard antennas is fantastic! Only tried out these antennas yesterday. Once I confirm the range of the RC Transmitter I'll fly out further. Have a look at the model when its around the 210m mark and I bank into a turn, the video signal is still solid.

Not sure if this is what you want but it certainly does a fine job


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Thanks Guys, The OSD is a Remzibi (Poor Man's OSD). I like it because its simple to customize the screen layout and display just the information you want and where you want it. The 5.8Ghz system from HK is fantastic and well worth the money IMHO.