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Help! FrSky R-X6R - Where is the battery input???

I’m trying to get on with my first build but I can’t for the life of my work out where I connect the BEC lead of my ESC to my receiver!!! Am I being stupid?


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FRsky is AETR, so 1 is Aileron, 2= Elevator 3= Throttle (ESC) 4= Rudder.
Actually it can be defined however you want either as a default setup or modified after the fact. I have always used TAER and my model wizard script defaults to those settings. That is the beauty of OpenTX platforms is you can configure it the way you want to and there is no "standard"


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On the
spektrum DX series you can change channel order anyway you want, go into channel assign and a couple of clicks done.


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You can do that on open TX too. It’s just the default order that’s different. You can also use any of the 32 channels any way you like.


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OP is new, easier to change plugs first then learn about OpenTX later.
In that case then the answer is that he can plug his battery into any of the channels as it doesn't matter to get power to the receiver. And that he will need to look at the Radio Setup page to see which channel is assigned to Throttle on his radio and plug into that channel to get his esc to work. My point is that there is no "default" as it is defined on the Radio Setup page.
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