FT-22 Landing gear


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Hey All, so ive have completed a couple of FT planes, including the FT-22, have not flown it yet as i am still in the stages of practicing. But since the FT-22 is a pusher style plane, i wanted to make up some landing gear for it, i have a rough idea in my head but i wanted to see if someone has already done this and what they came up with!



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Please 🙏 post when you sort that out. I'm a huge fan of landing gear on FT aircraft, and still surprised that a wide margin don't come with it.


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Please 🙏 post when you sort that out. I'm a huge fan of landing gear on FT aircraft, and still surprised that a wide margin don't come with it.
Spur of the moment prototype for the nose gear, the short face is overlapping and I’m thinking of thread wrapping and epxoy, and maybe popsicle stick reinforcement running down the center, it will be a slow process as I don’t have all the electronics for the FT-22 yet, and still getting the hang of rc planes,


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My son did this. He forgot that there was not lift from the wing. Full up elevator, rammed into the curb. Changed the angle of attack, full up elevator, rammed into the curb. Really changed the angle of attack, took off great! Doesn't look impressive but loads of laughs and memories. Go for it!!! If you have a long runway you might do better than us. Ours is a short one with a soft curb, fire plug, sign and lamp post that make it a little more challenging!!


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Here's some pics. The nose gear isn't from the F-22, but is similar, and actually an improved design from "lessons learned." A short servo arm or similar is screwed above the retainer. I attach a light wire between the arm and the servo. Having a bend in that wire further protects the servo. I was using a cheap, Amazon 5g servo, which has proven pretty indestructible in the nose wheel role. Go figure. 🤔

The mains I passed the wire through the dowl, and wrapped it with cloth, then glued that down with... something. 😆 I don't remember whether I used Gorilla glue, Titebond, or Gorilla Superglue. I think it was the Gorilla Super glue, but I'm not sure any more. I used Gorilla glue to mount the down into 1/8" aircraft plywood, and the dowel passes about 3/16" through the plate. Honestly, in hindsight, I'd still pass it through, but once dry, use a razor saw to cut it flush.

The gear held up pretty well, given that I'm a, shall we say, "less than skilled" pilot. The Mini F-22 was only my second RC Airplane to fly successfully. Gear adds weight, as well as drag that adversely affects performance. My plane was underpowered. It didn't work out well, lol. 20240601_103850_compress74.jpg 20240601_103842_compress75.jpg 20240601_103909_compress6.jpg 20240601_103819_compress4.jpg