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We've heard your requests and it's finally here! The FT 3D swappable scratch build airplane.

After a few months of testing and redesigning, the FT 3D swappable scratch build is ready to go! The original design was much smaller and didn't quite fly the way we wanted.

After testing out the original design and consulting with Arron Bates, Version 2.0 was created. This version had a larger air frame as well as a wider fuselage.

The FT 3D is made from a few sheets of foam board and features a removable top hatch.

Arron Bates helped us out with the review putting our final design to the test!

Arron was able to put the swappable airplane into all kinds of cool 3D aerobatic maneuvers despite the strong winds!

The FT 3D features an airfoil wing which proved to hold its strength after many hard landings and crashes.

We'd like to thank Arron Bates for his help with this review.
Build video and plans will be available very soon!

FT 3D - 6.jpg FT 3D - 7.jpg
FT 3D - 8.jpg FT 3D - 14.jpg
FT 3D - 16.jpg FT 3D - 10.jpg
FT 3D - 12.jpg FT 3D - 17.jpg

FT 3D - 16.jpg



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Nice job! I thought the part where Arron snatches the plane from Josh while he was inspecting it for damage and just tosses it in the air was great.


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Awesome!!! Now I'll wait impatiently for the build video along with the plans. Can we at least get a parts list so we can have them ready once the build is released.
This plane looks unreal guys! You just opened up a world of possibilities in the level of advancing you're flight skills. now instead of buying a 3D plane and being afraid to crash it, we can build this one and crash all day long and it only cost us $4 and some build time.

And seeing the process in which you went through to get this plane just right was unreal! and all posting it for free for us to watch, see and build is absolutely unfathomable. I thank you on be half of the entire RC community.
The FT 3D looks like a great way to start flying. By the way it was flying, I've seen many of the same characteristic as the GP Pluma. Even though the Pluma is a biplane, the FT 3D with qone wing looks fantastic in the air. Will the 3D have a tailwheel that can turn the plane on the ground?
Cool plane. I also would like to get a general feel for the parts used on this. Motor, prop, battery, servos, etc. I'm planning on building it and would like to go ahead and order parts ASAP since it takes so long to get them.


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NTM 28-26 motor check, more than enough foam board, check, plenty of servos, check. Patience... damn just ran out. Just kidding, thanks for this one.

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Now we're talking guys. What we need now is a video showing how to do some of those maneuvers. Looking forward to the build video. I may have to build this one.

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Fly the wings off
We really can't say enough about the helpful friendly advice from the guys at 3DHS. I wish everyone was that helpful and willing to share advice. I wonder if he would have spent the time to help me with a scratch build or if he's just buddies with the FT guys.
I have been looking for good desktop background photos and wondered about the photos you provide for the featured plane. Some of the plane photos you provide are exciting and magazine worthy, in my opinion. So, I decided to download the last photo you have in your presentation, placed it in the desktop background position and could not believe the results. WOW!!!! OUTSTANDING, SUPER, FANTASTIC (get the idea) Everything was top notch quality along with the clarity while being an enlarged photo. Great job.