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FT Arrow build - Questions

Hello guys,

I'm building the arrow and finished building the wing and installed the servos, so almost done.
I left the plane on the working bench in my garage and when I came back to days later, I found wrinkles on one of the wings like the foam was bended (although it wasn't). Is there a chance that weather changes caused that? It got really cold here in the last couple of days and my workbench is in my garage, so that's the only thing I could think about... please see the attached picture.

In addition, I have a GT2215/09 motor available. Will it be too strong for it?



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"''Tis a mere flesh wound"

If it wasn't there before you left it on the bench and your certain something wasn't left sitting on it then, yes, I suppose the cold could have done it. Don't worry about it.

Yes, she can handle the GT2215/09 (which is the C-pack motor) - its 1100kv? To get the best out of it you may want to widen the cut out at the rear so you can get a 9 inch prop in there or go smaller on the prop and use 4S - she'll be a rocket.



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Yeah that happens. Without the cold. I believe it is caused by heat transfer from really hot hot-glue. You can fill those grooves with hot glue and squeegee if it bothers you.

Like DamoRC, said it will be a rocket with that motor. You are going to need to add a healthy dose of nose weight to balance it though. I suggest you make use of the optional wing bays.