Help! FT-Cruiser Issue, please help!


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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to ask for help with "debugging" my Cruiser, I've spent a good amount of time building it and it came up very nicely, but somehow it wants to lift its nose and Im out of ideas why...
Even if I hold it in my hand as I throttle up the nose starts to rise up to vertical and contines want to turn on its back all this with zero airspeed

Its not a CG I've double checked it, even moved it to be a bit noseheavy, second thought was the motor angle, so I changed it, now the motors are visibly pointing down, the issue still persists...

My last idea is the wings angle of attack, its around 3 degrees positive but it shouldn't matter when the plane is in my hand does it?

Any suggestions?


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Traditionally, sitting still in your hand should be an indication of torque issues and thrust lines. Posting a couple of pictures with close ups helps greatly. Also holding it from the top side of the fuselage will twist it upwards under power. Cg location is relevant only when it's flying or taxiing on its own.