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FT Cub Owners/builders thread- off topic allowed!

Steve Fox

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Just out of interest @Steve Fox, how much heavier than a stock FT Cub is yours? I assume you're using White foamboard from hobbycraft?
Sorry, only just seen your post, my foamboard comes from a UK Ebay seller called papergourmet, i buy it in packs of 10 A1 sheets.

Forget FT specs, the cub flys much, Much, MUCH better weighing more!
FT specs are only good for absolute zero wind!

My cubs come in at around 890g with a 2700mah 3s and are 1.1kg with a 4200mah 3s and 1.15kg on a 4200 3s and a storch wing but lift on that wing is huge compared to the stock cub wing!
my specs are in the first post, but heres my full specs and links :)

MG90s Metal gear servos, ESSENTIAL!!!!

Racerstar 2212 1400kv motor

9x5 Prop

30A esc

Batterys i fly the cub on:
2700mah 3s

4000mah 3s

4200mah 3s

Eachine 5258 800mw vtx

Flysky FS-iA6B receiver

Cheap micro fpv cams x2
600tvl (forward)

1200tvl (downfacing)

Cam switcher

Stand alone voltage osd i use, works well but under reads by 0.6v and so im showing 9.4v when im really 10v but like a fast or slow clock, you know what it really means and i may just have a bad one, others may well read bang on:

future builds with no FC will be using this OSD for on screen voltage:

it can be flashed with a standalone version of MWOSD and be used for a voltage display and you can configure it to display how and where you want, it can also act as a stand alone gps decoder (with a gps attached of course!) and display speed and distance without an fc with MWOSD firmware flashed!
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Oh thanks @Steve Fox I might give that guy a try, if you have a sheet complete would you mind weighing it for me please?

I built a cub a while back and even ended up having to do the same rebuild you did on the nose (and the same ESC mods too lol), but it flew crap so I eventually gave in and bought a tundra while they were available, that flies great and has been rebuilt several times already but sometimes I just want to chuck around something and not have to worry about turning a £150 plane into a lawn dart so was thinking of building another just for the fun of it.
Update on the Giant Cub, winds were about 20mph here today so I took advantage of that by flying the giant cub backwards! Did you know that you can land a plane backwards? Also if you land a plane backwards does that distance count towards the length of the landing? Then things took a turn and when a strong (30mph) gust of wind shot the plane up and back the battery came lose and fell into a bean field, never to be seen again. The plane did amazing, with no controls it glided into the thick bean field and took no damage. Then I figured "Hey, why not try that again but secure the battery a little better?" So after securing the battery by using some velcro I did the exact same thing again. Fell backwards and lost the battery. The plane once again fell very gracefully and was not damaged. Unfortunately however I just lost $30 in batteries because I was too excited to go flying but oh well, lesson learned. I have two more 3s 3000mah batteries on the way and I am designing a battery holder to be 3d printed. Overall though it flies very well and now it's time to make it look pretty! Videos are still uploading so I will let you know when that's finished. When this is all finished I'll make a new thread for it. :^)