FT Duster - BUILD


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Great work on the designs Josh, David, Chad, and the rest of the FT family. The Duster model has my wife interested in learning to fly now just so she can fly the Dusty character from the movie.


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It seems to me that with the spar glued in place it would be hard to put in the dihedral. How does that work?


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My Duster

This is my Duster!
It is not finished yet, i'm waiting for the electronics to arrive.
This is not a kit, i found this material in library, students use it a lot to make house modeling (here in Kosova). They head 5mm and 3mm, i took the 3mm one.
You guys are awesome! :applause:

aeroplani (Large).jpg
DSC_0788 (Large).jpg
DSC_0781 (Large).jpg
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quick question... I have seen several of your build videos guys, and it has inspired me A LOT! I am waiting on payday for the duster, but in the meantime, I have been working on a delta design and a biplane of historic early WW2 value, anyway... off topic...

Is there some reason you always leave the paper hinge on top of the foam, or can you hinge either way, does it matter, etc?

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Is there some reason you always leave the paper hinge on top of the foam, or can you hinge either way, does it matter, etc?

My understanding is it's for a more laminar (smoother) air flow over the top -- yields more lift.

That being said, this isn't a very smooth airfoil, so kinda doubt the airflow is that laminar anyways. Might not have that big of an advantage, other than having clean lines on top . . . which you only see when it's on the ground . . .


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My Duster with windows

What do you guys think of my new canopy. It is a little bit smaller and i opened the windows?
I also plan to put four magnets in corners to hold the canopy in place.

DSC_0802 (Custom).jpg DSC_0803 (Custom).jpg DSC_0804.jpg DSC_0807.jpg DSC_0809.jpg DSC_0810.jpg
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My Duster

My Duster is finished, waiting for good weather to try it.
I used my Cessna 182 landing gear and an office's knife plastic end as rear gear

DSC_0836 (Custom).jpg DSC_0837 (Custom).jpg DSC_0847 (Custom).jpg DSC_0850 (Custom).jpg DSC_0851 (Custom).jpg


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My Duster Maiden

Hallo everybody.

My maiden didn't go as aspected.
What do you think is the problem.
Motor: 1400 kv
Battery: 3S 1800 mAh 10C
Esc: 18A
Prop: 9050 GWS

I took this setup from my Cessna 182 Skylane From Hype which has a weight around 1050 gr. My charger/balancer is not working properly, so the battery may be not fully charged, could this be the problem. What do you guys think? Is this setup good for the plane.
Thank you in advance!