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FT Explorer down thrust problem

Hi, I am an inexperienced RC pilot and have just completed an FT Explorer build. I am running an A2212 1400KV motor with a 2200 mah battery and a 7X5 Prop with a standard wing (3channel). The CG is pretty well balanced and all appears good however the plane has extreme down thrust and will not fly. I have tried changing the motor alignment both up and down but still have the same problem. Obviously I have done something very wrong. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Have you checked the trim? Or, maybe added up elevator? Is the elevator parallel to the fuselage / wing? Is the rear fuse parallel to the nose? I've never built one but I'm thinking that if the nose/fuse/elevator aren't true, it will pitch down.

Thanks for the suggestions. The horizontal stabilizer is level, control surfaces are all centred. Holding the model with the throttle full on I can feel the rudder causing movement to the right or left but even with full up elevator it still wants to tip down. :(
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Re-check CG then. Review all you can about setting CG first. Pictures might help. Sorry if I'm not being much help. Only a year into this myself. CG can do this. Wing angles can do this, low speed at launch can cause it. Does it pitch up first then dive? That's a stall.
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It sounds like it might be a tad nose heavy. Mine did that when I added the gopro with out moving the battery back to correct the CG. Even with full power and full up all it did was go into the ground.
Thanks everyone,I really appreciate the help. I will try again after I rebuild the wing :). It sort of flew in a bit of wind and with a bit more enthusiastic launch until a barbed wire fence ate it. The CG was exactly where it is marked on the plan but I think from what I'm reading it possibly needs to come forward a bit. I am building with foam board available in Australia which is a bit heavier. I like the idea of a elevator throttle mix - that could help a lot. This is my first pusher build so I am learning a lot. will let you know how it goes after I get it back together.


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Hi, I have the same problem, and a member of the fórum, gregp, suggested a piece of foam under the leading edge of the wing as to elevate the angle of incidence, haven´t had time to try it, but he said that did the job. I bought the core kit so I scratch built the wings, maybe I got them a tad wrong. Hope this helps, have a great flight!
Hi everyone, Thank you all again for all your help. The new wing is built and I have just had a very successful little session out in the paddock ( well away from fences :) )with my explorer. In the end I ended up increasing the motor angle up some more (3 mm ply under the bottom mounts), added a little elevator-throttle mixing and became more aggressive with my launching to get more initial air over the control surfaces. I also added a couple of degrees up elevator to the rudder which seems to be help. Once in the air this thing is so easy to fly. I need to adjust the mixes and a bit more trimming to get it perfect but as the daily wind has just started that will be a job for tomorrow morning. Final verdict - Couldn't be happier. :):)