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FT Extra Trial and Donate for multiple features

Would you pay more to get more FT content?

  • No, the Extra videos are good enough.

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  • Maybe, depends a lot on the price and features.

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Good morning,

What do I suggest?:
I think FT Extra should have a free trial, of perhaps 1-3 videos [user can/can't choose] and/or other features. Their shouldn't be a time limit, there should be a usage limit. And only registered accounts can us FT Extra trial.

Also, perhaps the "donate/pay what you want" system should be upgraded. Perhaps users could pay <$X for some features like the live chat and a [specific number?] of videos and some decals from he store. A bit more money and they could get more/unlimited videos [per month/day/etc.], and more exclusive content [live audio chat?]. Some more and there could be discounts on items in the store/etc. Finally, they pay the highest required sum and get an included 15 minute monthly live video chat with a member of the team [live chat/audio introduction required first, etc.].

EDIT: If the music used in the FT videos is not royalty-free, could it be included in Extra as well?

Why do I suggest it?:
I think that some people may be happy to take a look at FT extra, but some may wonder what is FT extra like, and they might be on the edge of paying the premium [then again, $1 isn't really a premium fee, its just a small fee, but it's subject to change in the future], but then they decide not to as the free FT videos are good enough. Perhaps, with a trial, after watching a few videos they like, that seals the deal and they get FT extra. Just saying, some people will probably jump in, but the free content might be "just fine" for them if they don't know what FT extra is like.

As for the second paragraph suggestion, I suggested it even thought the features were probably already planned, but it can't hurt to repeat just in case, right?

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