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FT For Electrohub Y6

Hi, I want to upgrade from Naze32 on my ElectroHub Y6 to something better, can someone please recommend a flight controller, would like GPS. I have FT power pack on it with Emax motors and BLHeli ESC's.
I would use a Vector if it were choice. Saying that I just finished my Y6 last night and I used an APM 2.6 as I had it around already. I also build a Tricopter using this controller.

But if I had to go out an purchase one I would use the Vector.


Gravity Tester
Check out the Tarot ZYX-M and the Pixhawk. The Tarot has been said to fly better than a DJI Wookong and close to a DJI A2, both of which are $1000+. The Tarot is limited though in that it does not have waypoints, follow me etc, but it is a great plug and go GPS FC. The Pixhawk and its clones will require more work to get high level GPS flight performance, but when tuned they appear to be as good as the Tarot and other expensive FCs. The Pixhawk also uses open source code and has more features than you can handle such as follow me, way points, circle, etc. It will take more time to get flying, but you won't get bored with the features it has. Some notable pixhawk clones are the Pixhack, PixFalcon, RTFHawk, and many more. Hope this helps.