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(FT) Franken-Comet! Parachute Drop


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So to explain the logic (if any) behind this story I have to start with this find on amazon...


I ordered it the other day and low and behold... it arrives yesterday!

We have a family get together very year on the night of the 3rd to launch fireworks (for those of you non Americans, the 4th of July is the time of year where we enjoy so much freedom that every corner store in the country sells explosives to children because, 'Murica!)

We always have the little fireworks rockets that drop the little parachute guy and the kids love it, so I figured why not just launch a bunch of them! I have a Tiny Trainer I've been working on for several other challenges but it turns out these guys aren't small... they're 4" tall and the parachute is a pretty decent quality, so there is nothing "Tiny" about them...

Of course I've got the Beaver. It could haul 30 and not even notice (and it has the bomb drop already on it) but the launch sight is at my In-Laws... no good runway. (though still an option as I have proven I can take off and land on my little driveway here) Problem is I REALY like the beaver (and its $$$) so I'm not as brave with it, even though its the ideal plan for the mission...

So the old Comet is still flying...

Its not exactly in great shape but It still has twin drop pods on it... TROUBLE IS... the spar is broken in AT LEAST 4 places, NO GOOD for the amount of weight 8 of these guys is going to put on it... and I only have 3 hours to be ready...

Whats the solution??


I took the outer part of the original wings off and used them as rough templates...



I had trouble removing the second wing... I wonder why?


Hmm... forgot about that bit...

All said and done, it was 2 sheet of new foam. Went with a twin rudder (mostly to enlarge the elevator) and I extended the nose 3" to make sure I could get it balanced (as I would not have a chance to maiden it until we showed up at the party!)

Yes, the rudders are made from the original elevator! :ROFLMAO: Did I mention I was in a bit of a time crunch???

I almost NEVER travel with my planes so the logistics of getting to town with a plane this size is interesting... This was my solution.

A pair of camp chairs holding the wings down and butting it up against the cab of the truck!


She rode snug as a bug in a rug back there for the 40 mile drive (and since we were late the speeds MAY have been a bit excessive)

I don't have the energy tonight, but I have some pretty good footage from the parachute drop that I'll post shortly!




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Here it is...

Maiden was awesome, flew amazing even considering the weight!

Made several bomb drops over the evening (until I lost a prop nut on takeoff but still managed to land without incident)

All in all was a pretty good success!

Love the video man. Really amazing work. Tons of awesome footage angles. Just wow. Keep it up!