Solved FT Gremlin build - requesting motor help. (solved) - remapping motors for rotated FC

UPDATE: After quite a bit more research seems like remapping the motors is the only way to achieve what I'm trying to do. Luckily Tommy from Rotor Riot has a straight forward video on how to do this... SO if you have a FC with esc solder points on the corners or have an AIO stack that needs to be mounted in a position other than the default you will need to remap the motors. here's the video!

Remapping Motors (betaflight)

My motor order is wrong...

I got this kit LAST year for Christmas, they shipped me an empty package with no FC, the replacement they sent me was different than in the build video, I packed it up and I am only finally getting back to the build.

My problem is that the travel direction of the board puts the USB port to the rear, so I think the replacement they sent me was maybe from a gutted baby hawk or something similar. So I had to change the board orientation, I've done this for my two other quads running old NAZE32 boards.

When I load up betaflight the first tab shows the gremlin and moves in all the proper directions pitch yaw roll, BUT when I go to test the motor configuration the motors are still configured as if the board was NOT rotated 270 degrees. For example, motor one should be the rear right motor, but on testing it spins the front right motor, if the board was in it's proper orientation this is the proper motor to be spinning, but i changed the orientation of the board and it's reflected in setup in the software, so I don't under stand why the motor order didn't change with the board orientation. I don't recall having to do anything special with my other boards, once the rotation setting was changed everything worked as it should. Am i missing a setting in betaflight??? I found some CLI commands that will allow me to remap the motors but that seems like a major PIA.

Any thoughts?

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