FT Mini Trainer build for newbie friend


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Hi everyone. Not sure where to post this but had to share

A friend of mine is really keen to start RC flying. We had an old UAV type fixed wing with elevons but it flew horribly, so couldn’t teach him to fly on it. So I decided to build him a FT mighty mini trainer with 3 channel setup.

I printed plans, then he cut out the foam and we built it together today. Used all the electronics from other plane.

Went to maiden late afternoon with spektrum DX9 and DX6 in wireless buddy box. Was awesome seeing his face as he flew. He has been practicing on Phoenix flight sim so did quite well and I only had to help him a few times. Soon he will be flying on his own.

Thanks to Flitetest another avid aviation enthusiast has got airborne. Thanks a million.


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