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FT planes in Phoenix Sim


Junior Member
Has anyone created any FT planes in Phoenix that they will be willing to share? I am mainly looking at the Spitfire. As the weather is getting colder I would like to still fly while in the warmth of my house....I will still get out every now and then.



Senior Member
I'll have to look, but I'm pretty sure you can't create new planes for Phoenix (or it is such a pain no one does it). I have thought about getting Real Flight because I understand a lot of people make planes for it and there would always be something new to fly but I really haven't looked into that much either (I just know I have seen planes people made for it you could download).

If someone knows how to do this, or knows that is has been done I would be interested in hearing about it myself. I they make a program for changing the look of the plane but even it is a pain in the butt to use. I would love to have some custom paint on a plane or two but so far I haven't been able to work out how to make that doable with the edit software you can get. That would also be of interest is someone has useful information on it.


Dedicated foam bender
Real flight is what I use and it's got a huge following and plane database. The physics are pretty realistic and everything seems to respond well to editing and modifying aircraft.


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I'm a fan of Phoenix. While you can't create new models, you could take the Parkzone Spitfire that's supplied and change the wingspan, power ratio, control responses, etc to match your FT Spit. Also repaint. Probably a whole lot easier than creating a whole new model.


creator of virtual planes
I plan on making some of the FT planes for RC Desk Pilot. It's a free simulator that allows for custom add on planes. I just need to work on using the 3D modeling software I got so I can make custom planes. We'll see how far I get, probably not very.

There are plenty of FT planes that I'd like to make for RC Desk Pilot, but I haven't flown many of them, so I'm sure I'll get the flying characteristics all wrong. But if I just modeled them, other people could help me get those details right.