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FT Racer Build Question.

So here's a question to those experienced with this FT RACER. I'm curious to know about the PDF plan diagrams. I was measuring one of the center braces because it looked off to me visually so measured it and it's not symmetrical. This brace is about center of the plane the top part represents the very peak of the plane canopy. Is this non-symmetrical part on purpose or is it a mistake.

Shouldn't this be perfectly even? Just curious.. I like to think that the guys at FT are fairly detailed so have a purpose for everything.

Let me know what you think?



FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
i think you will find some of the older, free plans have some nuances' ;)
A little bit. Good news though, I am about to release reformatted FT Racer (v1.1) plans. Same design, just formatted to the new FT plans format by yours truly. Should be available in the next day or two.