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Solved FT Racer yaw wiggle?


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So I finally got my FT Racer dried out and put back together. For a funny story, see here.

When flying at medium to high speed (above 50% throttle) there is a pretty pronounced wiggle in the yaw axis. If I throttle back or start a climb, it seems to go away, but in level flight or especially a dive, it wiggles back and fourth about 5° or so. Any idea what is causing this and how I get it to stop?


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The racer has rear mounted servos, so the pushrods are only about 5" long. I also used signal flag wire for mine, so they are very stiff. It's not the rudder fluttering, has to be something else.


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So if there is no slop is any linkage or control horn. You might try adding winglets, with a bit of toe in, on the tips of your wing. Instead of the winglets being parallel to each other, angle you wing tips so the leading edge of the winglets are about 1/8th of an inch (3 mm) narrower than the trailing edge. In other words, the distance between the winglets is say 40" on the LE and 40 1/8" on the TE.

On my Versa wing, toe in of the winglets will dramatically reduces the wiggle.