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FT Radial Power Packs

I am just getting started in the hobby, and recently finished my first Sparrow chuck glider. I am getting ready to go RC with it and I want to buy a couple of power packs. Is there any way to order power packs with FT Radials? I would really like to get the FT Radials rather than the EMax motors which are usually included. Ideally, customers could select which motor they want to get from a drop down menu when they add a power pack to their shopping cart. However, even a different powerpack, eg "PowerPack A v2.0" or "PowerPack AA" would be an acceptable option.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
As far as I know the only reason they are still sold with emax motors is because they are waiting to run out of stock with the emax power packs before switching, not sure though.


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I second what @Paracodespoder wrote. That's what I've heard as well. There's no telling when the inventory of Power Packs with Emax motors will run out. If you are in a rush, you may need to purchase the items individually.


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What batteries are recommend same as what comes in the stock power packs or something different? Plane specific?
same battery. only diff is the new motors will give you a little more go fast. if a you are a new pilot the old stuff will be more than plenty. spend the money on repairs and rebuilds instead of motors.

good luck,

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