FT simple storch modified, Few build pics and maiden video included


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Hi everyone! For my first post here i would like to start off with saying thank you to you guys on this forum for giving me hours of fun reading and learning new things about RC flying every time i visit the forum. I’ve been building and flying foamies for over 6 years and i still love the hobby!

My latest build is a FT simple storch, which i have modified a bit. I changed the look of the tail and horizontal stab, added a bit of length to the nose and removed the powerpow. Also i changed the landing gear and added a steerable tailwheel for take-off on tall grass and have the wing a nice profile and extra strength and stiffness. The wing is bolted to the plane with four M4 bolts for easy removal during transport. The goal for this plane was to learn to fly FPV. I’ve been flying FPV quadcopters (zmr 250 + custom 3d printed micro) for a while and now i would like to try FPV with an airplane.

i balanced the plane with CoG 2 inched behind the leading edge as described in the FT storch build video. The plane flies perfect with absolutely zero trimmin required. :D

Some specs of the plane:

Wingspan 1430mm
1200 kv propdrive v2 (89g i believe)
10x5 prop
hobbyking fixed wing 50A esc
seperate 5a ubec + 6 (9g) servo’s
2x 4s2200mah nano-tech
HK tundra wheels
flying weight including batteries 1500grams

FPV setup (same as on the zmr250) i will be using:
Gopro hero 3 black
Hobbyking av out cable
Eachine 200mw VTX
Eachine LCD+VRX

Feel free to leave any comment or feedback. Of you have any questions, please let me know!

Below are some building pictures and pictures and a video during the maiden flight.











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Hi FTbob,

Nice looking plane. Great job on the build. I also like your choice in wheels and tires.