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FT slinger inspired racer.

I got incredibly impatient waiting for the FT slinger build plans (i waited a whopping 8 hours) and decided to start building my own, i have made pretty good progress on it in the first day, I am going to be making it into a "planes" plane and giving it some character, how ever my friend that was helping me got a little carried away with the knife... So it will be an original "planes" plane. For now i am Calling it the "air shark" i wil be paint it black, with red accents, and applying some eye, and some shark teeth. I am more or less just making it look "cool" and letting it take shape and adjusting the plan as it goes.



Dedicated foam bender
Looks good but be careful! Josh said when the tail was too small and completely in the propwash, it made it very squirrely.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I have been wondering if Disney Pixar did not halt the release of the "Planes" planes due to copyright issues!

They usually Demand royalties for such things.